Christian Bermudez, Illustrator


Originally from Hudson County, currently in Bergen County, and soon to be in south Florida, Global Personalization is pleased and proud to announce Christian Bermudez as our first “featured artist”. Christian, just 26 years old, has a passion for cars and is an established mechanic. He resides with his girlfriend Carla and their cat Camber. He loves the arts, drawing, reading, and attending car shows. He assists at times with Decor Galore, his family’s floral business and has been sketching and illustrating ever since he was a kid. Christian has a creative mind and is talented in both the automotive and art fields. We are honored to showcase some of his works and offer them for sale on clothing and a variety of substrates. A portion from each sale will be provided to Christian.

We hope to welcome other new, established, and /or emerging artists in the future. If you are interested in being featured and/or seeing some of your creations on a variety of items, please feel free to email us. Wear his art to show your support. Shop below.